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I have a tendency to wax eloquent about my purist, borderline snobbish palate when it comes to non Indian food in Bombay. For the sake of this prissy-ness, I even try my level best to visit places that seem capable enough to do justice to the cuisine(s) on offer. And more often than not, no criticism is held back if they don’t deliver- one of the shortcomings, perhaps, of being genuinely in love with food in its most authentic form.

However my cravings for Japanese food in particular are so unbelievably frequent that I don’t have the means (or the energy to dress up) to dine at Yuuka on the daily. And that is when dedicated VFM delivery spots like Sushiya come to the rescue.

Sushiya, I’m given to understand, is a delivery place that first gained traction in Delhi before spreading out to Bombay. Serving Japanese fare, their aim is to offer fresh food at competent prices, with even the more exotic sushi rolls retailing for an affordable INR 400-500

Found ourselves at home a few days back, famished and in dire need of some Japanese nosh. Sushiya happened to deliver here and this is how our experience panned out.

Before I get to the food itself, a couple of observations about the delivery.

The food comes well packaged, with tightly sealed containers, a few sets of chopsticks and small bottles of soy, gari and wasabi (their wasabi packs a real punch, so be sure to give those sinuses a thought before delving in for a big dollop)

What irked me however was the slow delivery. I was already informed of a 75 minute delivery time while placing the order (which honestly is pretty long to begin with) and I was made to wait an additional 30 minutes before I finally got the food. Considering this restaurant does only deliveries and takeaways, they really have no excuse for such significant delays.

And onto the food:

(I stuck to fully cooked rolls despite my love for sashimi because the prissy side reared its ugly head and dissuaded me from ordering raw fish at rates as unbelievably low as theirs)

Crunchy Prawn Roll

A pretty decent version of the famed Prawn Tempura Roll, you have well seasoned rice on the outside with crunchy tempura prawn and a spicy mayo to bind the flavours within. What I particularly enjoyed was the generous masago garnish on top. The tiny fish roe burst in the mouth offering a lovely salty, sea flavour that ties in so well with the richness of the roll.

Dragon Roll

The prawn wasn’t overdone and the avocado adds a sweet, almost fruity creaminess to the roll. The salmon on top however, is questionable. Was it smoked? Was it cooked? With a texture that dodgy, it’s hard to really tell.

Chicken Yakitori

What a surprise! This stuff is pretty close to the authentic one! The skewered chicken is tender and coated in a salty-sweet sticky glaze, much like the tradionally Yakitori.  The sesame seeds were a new addition and while I get the premise of offering a touch of nuttiness to the palate,the seeds required a little more dry toasting to really impart that flavour.

Veg Yakisoba Noodles

This was just pitiful. Major vegetables like mushrooms and pakchoy were sadly missing and while I can forgive the crazy amount of bell peppers, baby corn has no place in Japanese food you guys. The sauce did not have an iota of balance,  tasting mainly like diluted light soy. A few bites are enough to put you off.

And the noodles were if possible, the worst element of the dish. Overcooked, a mere minute from becoming straight up mush, I couldn’t even pick them up with my chopsticks without it breaking apart. Now, if you need a spoon to eat some noodles, there’s clearly a problem here.

The whole thing lacked any semblance of a stir fried noodle- that savoury char flavour completely absent. Like I said, just pitiful.

All in all, Sushiya seems to have a decent concept in motion and affordable rates, especially with the party packs on offer for office get togethers. But some major modifications are necessary for their delivery system as well as a little attention to the non-sushi fare on the menu.


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