Reviews: Healthy Treats, Bandra West

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When I review a place, it is generally planned. I bookmark a restaurant, read other reviews and then visit the place with an empty tummy for the food and a (hopefully) fully charged phone for the pictures that follow.

But this review is slightly different.

I received an adorable little hamper for Women’s Day at work from Healthy Treats, and at first glance it looked like a bunch of muffins, cookies and cake I didn’t possess enough of a sweet tooth to devour. I was already wondering who I could possibly share these goodies with, but then I started sampling them. And safe to say, any thought of giving others anything disappeared in a matter of mere seconds.

Yes, the desserts are nothing short of brilliant. But Divya Ranglani’s brainchild, Healthy Treats is much more than a store that serves dessert- it tackles the one gluttony induced wish every person has had at some point in their life- it makes dessert HEALTHY.
YES. HEALTHY. You read that right.

The stuff they have is nothing short of miraculous. The menu has a barrage of options, which are Gluten, Diabetes, Vegan, Paleo and Keto friendly, with cakes being made out of every possible item you can imagine like quinoa, ragi, wholewheat flour and almond meal with a few crazy ones like zucchini and carrot. If this isn’t sorcery, I don’t know what is.

Getting back to what I received (and polished over the last two days, with not a stray crumb to spare), this is the bunch I got to sample:

Orange and Dark Chocolate Cake:

Rich and indulgent, you get strong flavours from both the main ingredients- The sticky, citrus-y notes from the orange peel and zest and the bittersweet flavour from the dark chocolate. The cake itself is wholewheat flour based, which is much healthier than its refined flour counterparts and it is sweetened with dates, which works just as well if not better than sugar or artificial sweeteners.
This was definitely the sweetest of the lot, and my least favourite as a result. But even for something that is my “least favourite”, I would order it again in a heartbeat because it was THAT good.

Pumpkin and Almond Muffin:

Mildly flavoured, and not too sweet, these pair so well with a strong cup of tea in the evenings. Mom absolutely loved it and intends ordering a batch sometime next week for her evening snacking.

Banana Chocolate Chip Muffin

Like a more decadent cousin of the well known banana bread, its soft, sweet and very banana-y. The chocolate chips, while present do not overly assault the palate and let the banana really shine through. Great for mornings, for that little shot of energy to lull me out of my otherwise zombie-like post sleep phase.

Dark Chocolate, Almond and Zucchini Muffin

Yes, the main base for this is Zucchini and I was waiting to fault it, but this little piece of heaven just didn’t give me the chance. Chocolate-y, gooey and intensely satisfying, I see exactly how these would replace a normal chocolate cake for days when you’re just done being good with your diet and want to sin a little. Even if its not seen or tasted at all, it may help to convince yourself between fudgy bites, that you are actually having your greens.

Cinnamon and Cappuccino Muffin

I was a little unsure of the combination, and I still am because surprisingly you don’t taste it all together. This one is a journey of tastes- first, you get the sweetness from the chocolate chips. Next, the very subtly added cinnamon gives you a punch of spice and the after taste is that of strong, milky cappuccino. It was an absolute delight to savour, and I enjoyed this muffin the most because of how the flavour profile changed through the course of eating it.

Oatmeal Dark Chocolate Cookies

Most Oatmeal-only cookies are hard to the bite and not moist, and that’s where these differ. They’re soft and moist, and while you’re satisfied munching on them, they don’t give you that familiar feeling of having maybe overdosed on sugar at the end of it. Delicious.

Oatmeal, Raisin and Almond

I hate raisins with a passion, but they have been so slight in their use of it here that I’m not even complaining. You get the clean taste of fresh oats and almond slivers in every bite, with the raisins providing a touch of sweetness in between.

As the descriptions above might suggest, I have had my share of sugar for the next few months and shouldn’t even look at a cookie for a bit. But Healthy Treats does offer some really promising options is committed to being more inclusive to the dietary preferences of the people staying here without compromising on quality whatsoever.

Job well done.


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