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It is safe to assume on the basis of my other reviews, that I am what is called an “authenticity” junkie. I don’t particularly favour restaurants that offer a jumble of cuisines and don’t succeed in doing any of it right. It’s just the whole “jack of all trades, master of none” concept that I find unappealing and not interesting enough to actually bother venturing into.

But I have visited BBC and sampled quite a few of their items before this particular visit, and despite their “something for everyone” take on food, these guys somehow pull of the diversity in options effortlessly and with aplomb. At least they had till this time.

I actually remember my first visit to this place in 2015 at the Inorbit Mall, Goregaon. Our relatives, who had suggested the place, proceeded to order everything from Kheema Pao to Pizza to Burgers, and as doubtful as I was at the outset, the restaurant actually managed to honour the preparation of most of those things which surprised me to say the least.

Anyway, I digress. As usual. Here’s our review of the place.

We walked in on a Wednesday evening after work for some grub, because understandably, our idea of celebrating Women’s Day is not having to enter the kitchen after work on a weekday.

This particular branch of the restaurant is by far one of the most spacious I’ve seen with tall ceilings framed by large refurbished metal arches, rustic looking chandeliers above every table, and bright lanterns at the bar. The area we were seated at had ceiling length windows to the side with distressed wooden window-panes providing a view of the rest of the mall below.

The wooden accents and dim lighting in and around the restaurant definitely exude a very “British pub”-esque feel which seems just as well, since that is the theme followed by BBC even in their offerings. As the name suggests, they do have a decent number of ales and stouts on tap and a host of other alcohol to choose from, and most of the food is snackable yet hearty, aimed to complement your drink. Mom and I aren’t beer aficionados so she stuck with a trusty mojito and I tried a Raspberry based mocktail. The details (and disasters) in our order are below:
Raspberry Fizz:

Surprisingly sour, refreshing and not sickeningly sweet as anticipated, the raspberry flavour doesn’t seem synthetic and the aerated water adds the necessary fizz to elevate that sourness.

Barbecued Chicken Satay

Satisfying stuff, with the skewered, perfectly cooked chicken that has that distinctive grilled flavour you look for in a Satay. Yes, the BBQ sauce served is not authentic and I would love some peanut sauce to dunk them in, but the BBQ sauce works too. Its smoky, sweet and pairs well with the tender, grilled meat.
Juicy Lamb Sheekh Kebab

This was a disaster. I wish it hadn’t been, but I guess we all need to have a bad experience while eating out to counter the many good ones. The minced lamb was soft and the kebabs looked great when they got to our table. But it was so inexplicably spicy, and this is coming from two people who LIVE for spice. While it seemed like the first mouth packed a punch, the spice builds, which meant that we couldn’t get past three bites and called to have it sent back.
(All negatives aside, Mr. Pandya and the rest of the management were very helpful, and even made it a point to offer mom a complimentary mojito to help cool down the madness that was that kebab. And I’ve not been in a position to really comment before this, but a polite, helpful management response does go a long way when it comes to mess ups like these.)

Basil Pesto Pizza

Quite possibly the best dish of the night, the pizza was such a welcome change after the literal assault on our tastebuds before it. The base is thin, crunchy at the edges, the chicken is generously added, the pesto gives off the desired earthiness from the basil and nuts and has not been botched up with excessive aromatics. Its basic and delicious because of it. The olives add bursts of saltiness and the onions offer crunch between bites.
They also offer a liquid garlic butter with all their pizzas if you want to indulge a touch more. The mother definitely added some to her slice and approved of the addition.

But I think what I loved the most was the cheese on the pizza itself. STRETCHY, hot and so utterly gratifying, it reminded me of all the terrible, over salty processed cheese I’d suffered through in “desi” pizzas so far- almost as if all my dissatisfaction was leading to this single moment of perfection. And I savoured every bite like it was my last.

It wasn’t my last. The pizza is big (for two) and I heated up the leftovers this morning to munch on while studying. Honestly, one of the most rewarding study sessions I’ve had yet.

This particular visit saw one definite win and a definite loss for BBC in terms of offering good, satisfying food. But having visited the place before and not had any complaints, I do believe last night was not their best, and I would probably visit again

But steer clear of their tandoor items. Just in case.


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