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The last one month has been fairly instrumental for me in discovering the gem, that is Powai. Yes, its still far, and its still a pain to have to deal with the confusing directions in the absence of an Uber GPS, but we braved these relatively trivial concerns to visit Mia Cucina a few days back, and chances are we may be back for more.

Mia Cucina is on a little bylane that houses a stream of restaurants that include Mirchi and Mime, Cafe Mangii and a few others. And the black sign board housing the restaurant name with a couple of huge white umbrellas out front aren’t hard to locate.

You walk in to cozy interiors in hues of red and brown, wooden floors, and a bunch of booths and tables flanked by exposed brick walls.

They have an open bar on display, featuring a decent collection wines and spirits, with stools to sit at and along side the bar counters for a quick drink or bite to eat.

We took our seats in a slightly more ensconced area inside and were offered their food and alcohol menu. Here’s what we ordered, other than few bottles of wine and a couple of iced teas (the base to any family lunch, really):
Funghi Croccanti

Whole Mushrooms that have been stuffed with a parmesan, ricotta and mozzarella mixture and then breaded and fried. The breading is thin and not too oily and overbearing, and the mushrooms have been fried just long enough to soften it and melt the cheeses within.

Pizza Verdura

I’m generally not a fun of pizzas that are too generous with toppings, but this was a pleasant surprise. And what really brought everything together was the robust and tangy tomato base that complemented the roasted onions and briny black olives perfectly. The jalapeno didn’t personally add much for me, but it could be easily overlooked.

Pizza Pollo e Pomodori Secchi

The sauce in this one is slightly more subtle, and that helps bring out the flavour of the cheeses with the sour yet sweet sundried tomatoes. The chicken is tender and generously spread over the base and the relative simplicity in ingredients makes sure you aren’t assaulted with a bunch of flavours.

As for the pizza portions, they’re definitely big enough for one to feed two.

Penne Arrabiatta

An Italian staple, the main focus of the dish lies in the balance of its sauce, as there are no layers and elements to fall back on. And the sauce again delivered. (Not sure if their tomatoes are just different from mine). Clear notes of garlic and basil in the thick tomato based sauce, the penne was al dente and not overly done.

Papardelle e Pollo

Mia Cucina claims to make its own pasta for this one, and so if that’s indeed the case, job well done. The sheets of pappardelle aren’t tough and perfectly absorb the sauce. The chicken raised no issues but the sage sauce itself didn’t give the desired punch of sage in every bite, and resembled a basic Bechamel for most part.

Dark Chocolate Mousse

The mouse is rich and sweet while slightly bitter, the consistency almost akin to a ganache. Its delicious, but the richness of the mousse paired with the cream would deter most from taking more than a few bites.

Almond and Chocolate Cheesecake

I don’t enjoy desserts that are overly sweet and this was ideal for someone with that kind of palate. The cheesecake and almond slivers sprinkled generously are light, and enhance the crumbly and sweet base beneath.

I would have loved to try their Tiramisu, but the dessert menu perusal coincided with the beginning of the Rafa-Roger Australian Open Final which was being streamed, so I couldn’t completely focus on their offerings then.

Mia Cucina offers authentic Italian nosh, for those who like a good pomodoro sauce and do not like everything over seasoned with chilli flakes and dried oregano, Dominos India style.

I definitely look forward to visiting them soon to sample the many things we missed this time.


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