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American BBQ is one of the few things I developed a hankering for a while back without having really tasted it. What was however to blame, were the numerous food channels I have unfailingly watched for as long as I remember and all the people on these shows, relishing any piece of meat coming out of a smoker with gay abandon.

Needless to say, I lost my shit when I went to the US last year, willing my poor body to ingest every possible meat and fat filled creation known to man. Why? Because ‘Murica. Duh.

Point being, this included a bunch of smoked meat and I was positively bummed about coming back to Bombay, what with its beef bans and overdone “steaks”. So what I’m trying to say here is thank you TBB for getting your “butts” to the Bombay food scene.

I came across this restaurant’s Zomato page and drooled over their offerings a few months back, so its safe to say this visit was LONG overdue.

True to the descriptions of many other reviewers, The Boston Butt gives off a very laid back yet uptown diner-esque feel the moment you step in. We were showed to our booth with its plaid and wood accents while our server gave us a menu and elaborated on their smoking process.

The menu, though fairly detailed is easy to go through and didn’t confuse me too much-an issue I’m very susceptible to at the presence of too many options.

We didn’t order much, but here goes.


Aloha- Really fresh and not too sweet, with the perfect amount of fizz. Loved the addition of the cucumber.

Yellowstone- A very strong hit of ginger which was surprisingly very appetising.


New Orleans Style BBQ Prawns- Perfectly cooked prawns in a generous amount of bubbling, flavourful BBQ sauce. I honestly did not expect to enjoy this so much, but it was gone in a matter of mere minutes. Their nola style take on barbeque was just that good. Our only criticism being we were in dire need of some fresh soft bread to mop up every last bit. Ah well.

Smoked Pork Ribs- Meat was fall off the bone, which is expected considering its smoked for over 14 hours. The smoke rings were clearly visible and while mom wasn’t the biggest fan of the smoky fat, I loved every bite. However, what caught my attention more was the sauces they served it with- a traditional bbq sauce, a vinegary and garlicky hot sauce, a mustard mayo (which I didn’t try because mayo on BBQ is low key sacrilege) and what won my heart- the Alabama style “white” bbq sauce. Its a real rarity for people to use the alabama sauce in mainstream BBQ joints, but I loved the slight kick of the horseradish and onions. Definitely have to go back to try it with their pulled pork next time.

Four Cheese Mac N Cheese- Dear God, why is cheese so bloody good? To be fair, it met expectation and I swallowed down forkfuls even though Lisa Haydon was shooting right next to us and her flawless form should have been racking up the insecurities. I guess where one cheese doesn’t work, four kinds definitely will.

Didn’t stay for dessert, though there will be a skillet cookie in the near future with my name on it. Figuratively at least.

To sum it up, I don’t have a lot to fault, honestly. I expected a good meal and I definitely got one, so I hope to be able to come around for more fairly soon.


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