Reviews: TGI Fridays, Palladium, Lower Parel

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TGIs is not just a place I visit every now and then. It’s a bunch of memories. Memories of me going there as a kid and losing my shit over the kids menu (The Sheikh Zayed, Dubai branch had some great sliders, just saying). Memories of going there with classmates after a day of chilling at the mall, while we admire the random paraphernalia in each branch and the colourful badges all the staff wore. And memories of taking mom there for her birthday and watching her cringe as they sung her Happy Birthday in loud voices while everyone else looked on. 😛

So when I first came to Palladium in Bombay 5 years back, seeing good old TGIs on the first floor was like seeing an old familiar friend in a completely new place. Comfortable and dependable.

Menu obviously varies in different countries but I don’t have much to fault from the menu I’ve tried here so far. The burgers do tend to be a little overdone even when a medium has been requested but there are honestly quite a few favourites so I wouldn’t whine too much about it.

What we did try for the first time today however was their ultra VFM weekday lunch menu. 2 courses for INR 299 (excld tax) and the option to add an extra course for an affordable INR 100 each.

There were 3 of us, so we did 2 appetisers, 3 entrees and a dessert. The onion rings were crunchy as hoped, honey roasted potato wedges were perfectly balanced and not too sweet like I’d anticipated. All the mains were fairly decent, but their chicken sriracha burger was definitely on the drier side and could well do with a more robust sauce to moisten it compared to the hint of mayo they did put in. And the OG brownie and ice cream didn’t disappoint.

Did it fill us up despite the smaller portions? Absolutely. And would I go there for the lunch again? Possibly, should I ever find myself there on a weekday afternoon. Wishful thinking, considering I’d probably be at work on a weekday afternoon, eating rotis and veggies. But no harm hoping. Right? Right.

Crispy Onion Rings
Honey Roasted Potato Wedges
Country Fried Chicken (With Mashed Potatoes And Sautéed Vegetables)
Cayenne Pepper Spiced Cottage Cheese (With Grilled Vegetables, White Rice And A Lemon Cream Sauce)
Jumbo Sriracha Chicken Burger (With A Side Salad)
TGIs Brownies And Ice Cream

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